Rory Willams:

Rory Williams is Amy Pond’s husband, a straightforward sort of bloke who was initially wary of the Doctor and his constant surprises. He’s known Amy since they were children, when she made him dress up as her legendary ‘raggedy Doctor’. That’s why Rory entered the medical profession.

Amy Pond:

Amy Pond, the young Scottish woman from the English village of Leadworth first met her ‘raggedy Doctor’ when she was a little girl and had to wait fourteen years before he finally returned and took her off in the TARDIS.

Wilfred Mott:

Donna’s Granddad. Newspaper seller, amateur astronomer and alien conspiracy theorist. He’s not allowed to have a webcam though…


Donna Noble:

From runaway bride to galactic traveller, Donna’s giving up the 9-5 routine and is ready to explore the Universe. Just don’t assume that she and the Doctor are an item!

Martha Jones:

Now a fully qualified doctor, Martha’s previous adventures with the Doctor have equipped her to help defend the Earth from aliens alongside UNIT and Torchwood. But she still has the Doctor on speed dial… just in case!

Mickey Smith:

Rose Tyler’s former boyfriend is battle-hardened from his time fighting the Cybermen on a parallel Earth. Fully equipped to deal with the Daleks, Mickey is no longer just ‘The Tin Dog’.

Captain Jack Harkness:

The dashing intergalactic rogue and indestructible man of action now runs the Cardiff branch of Torchwood.

Rose Tyler:

Rose has been from South London to the end of the world… and beyond. We thought she was stuck in another universe. But how is she no longer trapped? Why is she searching for the Doctor? And what is coming from across the stars?

16 thoughts on “Companions

  1. What about all the others?
    Sarh Jane?
    The Brigadier?
    Vislor Turlough?
    I can go on. . .

  2. My favorite companion is Vislor Turlough. He’s crafty and clever, he’s pragmatic, and underneath all that selfishness he does have a heart and he’s brave when it counts, though when it doesn’t count for him he’s all about saving his own skin.

    What is your favorite companion? Why is that one your choice?

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