Every Episode Ever / First Doctor / Season 1 / The Daleks

Episode 006 – The Daleks Part 2

Daleks-1963This episode jumps straight in with a quick (and hastily edited) reminder of Barbara’s capture by the Daleks…

…and this high speed continues into the rest of the episode (for a change!!) There’s plenty of room for plot in this episode as we see the gang captured by the Daleks, the Doctor being interrogated and finally Susan taking the perilous trek back to the TARDIS, alone.

And of course the Daleks are great villains (as they will always continue to be). Their voices are a bit annoying in this episode (where are you Nicholas Briggs) but then so is Susan’s.

Not much else the say really, good episode with a better pace than previously. Lets see what happens next.

PS. Why didn’t Susan take a pill as soon as she found the box???


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