Every Episode Ever / First Doctor / Season 1 / The Daleks

Episode 005 – The Daleks Part 1

The Daleks 3So, the Doctor and co have escaped the cavemen and travelled to the distant future, to a planet where the Doctor will soon encounter his greatest enemy, the Daleks.

But not in this episode, not at all. The thing about having a story stretched over seven parts is that you can afford to spend a whole episodes watching the characters wandering about.Wandering around a forest, wandering around the TARDIS and then wandering round a city.

The funny thing is though, it works! I love seeing the characters finding their feet on alien soil, seeing more of the TARDIS and properly learning more about the planet they’ve visited. In the new series you’re only in a place for 45 minutes before you’re off. Its nice for the story to take it’s time in progressing.

Also, once again, a great big thumbs up to the production department. The forest set is really realistic, the model of the city is superb in detail and the TARDIS set is massive!

Anyway, next episode we get to see the very first appearance of the Daleks!


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