An Unearthly Child / Every Episode Ever / First Doctor / Season 1

Episode 004 – An Unearthly Child Part 4

doctor-who-an-unearthly-child-aYou know I’m actually starting to enjoy An Unearthly Child. The setting is becoming familiar, the cavemen are starting to grow on me and in episode four we get to see more of The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan working together and becoming a team.

In this episode, the drama really picks up the pace, changing almost as quickly as the tribe’s political opinions. I’m starting to warm to Zar though, he seems to have been picked on by his tribe and it’s nice to see him regain control. Hur is also surprisingly likeable, dunno why really.

I think that it’s nice to finally bring this adventure to a close. The tribe has got fire, yay! Kal is dead, yay! And the TARDIS is off, YAAAAAY!

One thing I found interesting was the use of the TARDIS as a mere escape vessel. I’m not saying that the Doctor does not normally get into trouble on his adventures but that he usually gets out of it before he leaves a planet, he never flees.

The Daleks next. Ooooooooh!


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