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Episode 003 – An Unearthly Child Part 3

Unearthly_d1-1a-024_coloured_400So, after yesterdays rather boring introduction to the cavemen, we come to part three of ‘An Unearthly Child’.

For me this episode defiantly picked up from yesterday. Gone are the fifteen minute scenes of cavemen walking into each other and mumbling about fire and instead we get to see some proper drama. In this episode the Old Woman frees The Doctor and his team from the Cave of Skulls and they make a run for it back to the TARDIS, chased by Za and Hur.

Then Za gets mauled by a tiger and the others double back to help. As you do.

But yeah, the team’s interaction with the cavemen is really interesting and fun to watch. Furthermore, there’s a real sense of drama here, it made feel like I was watching the episode, not just looking at it like yesterday.

We also saw the TARDIS crew began to band together and I can see (even if the characters can’t) strands of friendship begin to weave between the Doctor and Ian, that would (much) later turn into a great companionship.

In all honesty I’ll be happy when this serial ends tomorrow, however I don’t think this episode has been without its redeeming qualities!


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