An Unearthly Child / Every Episode Ever / First Doctor / Season 1

Episode 002 – An Unearthly Child Part 2

Dr-Who-An-Unearthly-ChildThe general consensus with An Unearthly Child is that it starts out really well and then goes downhill for the last three episodes. This (unfortunately) is the case and in episode two we see the storyline falter from the great introduction we had last episode.

Whilst the episode starts well; seeing Ian and Barbara’s reaction to travelling in time and the Doctor eagerly gathering rock samples, it quickly goes downhill, mainly due to a 15 minute scene showing some cavemen screaming at each other about fire.

Once again, the production on the show has to be marvelled at. Both the desert and the cave sets are excellent whilst the cavemen’s make-up and costumes are very realistic.

So, despite some dull and repetitive scenes, this episode was rather enjoyable, making me keen to see what happens in part three (although I have already seen it!).


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