An Unearthly Child / Every Episode Ever / First Doctor / Season 1

Episode 001 – An Unearthly Child Part 1

4665091-high-doctor-whoDoctor Who is entering a new phase in its history with Peter Capaldi taking on the role of the Doctor and leading the show into darker territory. To mark the occasion I am going to be setting out on a stupidly-long quest which I probably won’t even finish; to watch every Doctor Who in order.

This means travelling back 50 years to the very first episode; An Unearthly Child. It means watching those original, black and white titles scroll across my screen, hearing the electronic whir of the original theme music and seeing those now-iconic shows of a policeman, patrolling a junkyard.

And let me just say it’s brilliant! No wonder Doctor Who has been going 50 years if it has been producing such good content since the beginning. There hangs an intrepid sense of mystery over the whole episode and the early scenes with Ian and Barbara in the classroom gripped me entirely.

I’ve watched a lot of documentaries about the beginning of Doctor Who, enough to know about their early budgeting and recording space problems, but they don’t at all show here. The school set is perfect, down to each detail whilst the junkyard and the street look exactly as if they are outside. Meanwhile the set of the TARDIS is amazingly futuristic and, well, cool!

I look forward to watching the next episode and seeing what the Doctor and his new companions get up to.



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