YOUR best companion

Hi you guys.

So, most of you must be eagerly anticipating the results of the poll I posted a few weeks ago. Well you have reason to be. Even I am waiting for it nad I know what the results are already!

Thank you for the 56 comments I got. I value you for commneting. No thank you to the people who did’nt vote, who I don’t like.

The results are as follows:

  1. Donna
  2. Sarah Jane
  3. Amy
  4. Rose
  5. Jack

Personally I would’nt have done them like this but its quite a good order. I’m glad Sarah Jane is up there. RIP Liz.

Please remember that this does not mean that I will be reguarily updating my blog (please don’t comment on the speeling mistake) I only did this beause I was bored.

See ya


Adios Amigos

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