Whats your scariest moment?

Doctor Who has a unique ability to scare and reassure at the same time. We
may feel a chill as the crack in Amy’s bedroom opens to reveal a gigantic,
watching eye or the Daleks come crashing towards us but we know that the Doctor
is always there to stand in their way, no matter how high the odds against him
may seem.

Scares have always been a part of the show, from Weeping Angels to the Vashta
Nerada; from the Silence to the Cybermen, so we’re celebrating those chilling
monsters and moments that have nudged us closer to the edge of the sofa, or sent
us scuttling behind it!

What do you think were the scariest moments of Doctor Who and which monster
sends a shiver down your spine? Let us know! We’ll be sharing your thoughts and
showing a few clips of the scenes you select.

If you need inspiration, we caught up with Tom MacRae who wrote The Rise of
the Cybermen/The Age of Steel, which saw the return of the Cybermen. In this
video, Tom shares his thoughts on the scary side of Doctor Who and reveals the
recent scene that he thinks was the scariest!


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