Series 6

The Telegraph: Almost People Reveiw

With The Rebel Flesh having set things up more than nicely for this week, the   pressure was on for Matthew Graham to keep the standard up with the   conclusion of his two-parter, and fortunately he didn’t disappoint with this   taut, claustrophobic, sci-fi thriller.

The question of identity, which was forming such a strong facet of the initial   episode, was if anything writ even larger here, and pulled off with alacrity   as revelation upon revelation was given as to who was what and how the   different personalities reacted and interacted, adding a fascinating extra   layer to just about all the characters.

At the core though was having The Doctor and his ganger  – admittedly having a   doppelganger or duplicate in some way, shape or form of the Doctor is a far   from new idea (that now makes six out of eleven Doctors, dating all the way   back to The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve in 1965), but Graham’s take on   this sub-plot was certainly fresh and with Matt Smith acting his socks off,   it was as difficult for the viewer to really discern who the real Doctor was   and who was his flesh counterpart on as it proved for Amy.

With the complex interaction of personalities among and between humans and   gangers, as exemplified by such things as the touching reaction of the   ganger Jimmy to the holographic email of his human counterpart’s son and the   revelation of the discarded flesh beings making the audience as well as Rory   wonder who the real monsters were, making for a gripping watch, it was   something of a pity that Jennifer’s ganger turned into a psychotic “let’s   make war on humankind” staple monster, with her literal transformation into   one reminding me somewhat of the fate of Professor Lazarus in the 2007   season; but this was the only thing that let down this impressive episode   with its neatly realised psychological and body horror.

The nods to the past of the ganger Doctor’s opening lines were certainly a   nice touch for long-standing fan, whilst the ending was certainly startling,   and a real shocker which you certainly couldn’t see coming, but fitted in   perfectly storywise.

What a cliffhanger too – one that certainly makes one look forward avidly to   next week to find out exactly what is happening to Amy.

This viewer certainly can’t wait to see how the first half of this year’s   series is brought to a conclusion.

Doctor Who: The Almost People


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