Events / Series 6

Doctor Who Smashes Records

It’s been confirmed that The Impossible
was the most recorded British television event in history. Doctor
Who has smashed several records in the past but this new achievement indicates
the enormous levels of popularity achieved by Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and
Arthur Darvill as the Doctor, Amy and Rory. It’s also a strong reminder that
Doctor Who remains a must-see programme for a significant percentage of the

Doctor Who’s Brand Manager, Edward Russell commented, ‘We’ve known for some
time that the way audiences are watching TV would change, so these figures are
the proof. And the fact that Doctor Who is at the forefront of the new viewing
habits makes us all very proud indeed!’

A total of 4.1 million viewers chose to time-shift The Impossible Astronaut
by watching a recording of the episode either later that day or in the following

The BBC’s official Doctor Who site has also seen record numbers visiting its
pages and the exclusive videos it provides have already been watched by millions
since the new series began.

The next episode of Doctor Who is The Rebel
and begins 6.45pm, today on BBC ONE.



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