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BBC announces Sarah Jane Adventures to come to an end after death of Elisabeth Sladen

It was hinted that the show must go on despite the death of its leading

But today, the BBC confirmed that it will not be filming any more episodes of
The Sarah Jane Adventures following the death of Elisabeth Sladen last

Reports suggested that the CBBC series would continue and scripts would be
re-written to explain Sladen’s absence.

However, a statement from the BBC issued this week said: ‘Contrary to press
reports today we can confirm that no new episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures
will be filmed following the tragic death of actress Elisabeth Sladen in April,

Comeback: Elisabeth and Sarah Jane's sidekick K9 returned to Doctor Who in 2006

‘As a tribute to Elisabeth, the six episodes that were recorded with her last
year will be broadcast on CBBC at a date to be confirmed.’

Series writer Gareth Roberts also denied the previous reports earlier today.

Elisabeth was 63 when she passed away following a battle with cancer.

She was best known for her role as Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who, first
alongside Jon Pertwee in 1973, and stayed on with Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor,
until 1976.

She returned as the character for a spin-off series K9 and Company in 1981
and Davies, 47, brought Sladen back into the Doctor Who fold in 2006 when she
starred in an episode alongside the then Doctor, David Tennant.

Her character was then given a spin-off series, the Sarah Jane Adventures in
2007, which also saw Tennant and the current Doctor, Matt Smith, star in two

No more: The BBC will not film any more episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures following the death of actress Elisabeth Sladen, seen here with her younger co-stars

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