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My Sarah Jane: A tribute to Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen created one of Doctor Who’s best loved and most enduring
characters, Sarah Jane Smith. For over 35 years she brought the feisty,
compassionate journalist to life, creating a figure that was adored by audiences
of all ages – truly a heroine whose appeal had no boundaries.

This 15 minute programme is both a tribute and a celebration of Elisabeth
Sladen. It brings together stories from friends and colleagues and draws on a
rich archive of material to remind us of Sarah Jane’s journey, from companion to
the Third Doctor to the central character in CBBC’s award-winning The Sarah Jane

Produced by Gillane Seaborne and Brian Minchin, My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to
Elisabeth Sladen is on CBBC on Saturday, at 6.45pm, straight after the end of
The Impossible Astronaut.


2 thoughts on “My Sarah Jane: A tribute to Elisabeth Sladen

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