Series 6

Impossible Astronaut Teasers

You maybe aware that the BBC screened the first two eiposdes of Doctor Who to a lucky audiance. Tom Colman who saw this has given us these few easers to get us warmed up for the first episodes.

Note that there are no really major spoilers here but you should read ahead at your own risk!

  • The death of a main character occurs within the first 10 minutes of The Impossible Astronaut
  • There is a proper funeral for the person who dies
  • The Silence – if you look away from one, you forget you ever saw it…
  • There is a cheeky reference to Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead
  • River shows that she can work the TARDIS better than the Doctor, again.
  • The ‘TARDIS’ from The Lodger makes an appearance and that isn’t the end of it
  • The Doctor is disappointed about not receiving a Fez
  • President Nixon helps the Doctor out of a few scrapes
  • The swimming pool is mentioned again
  • Fish Fingers and Custard
  • The Doctor’s body is a work of art
  • River slaps…and kisses the Doctor
  • The tally marks are self-inflicted
  • The Silence will return after the opening two-parter
  • Who’s the daddy…?
  • The Doctor messes with Apollo 11
  • There is a perfect prison mentioned and seen!
  • Day of the Moon ends on 2 cliffhangers.

Source: Doctor Who TV


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