Series 6

No Daleks?

Steven Moffat has been asked whether the Daleks will return forSeries 6 of Doctor Who and the answer dosen’t sound to good.

In an interview with the Doctor Who Magazine, his response is was the same as before – it probobly won’t happen, “…unless they pop up in episode 13. Maybe as a guest moment.”

Moffat continues: “There’s always a danger that the Daleks are a diminishing return. They are the Doctor’s most reliably defeatable foe. How do you stop that being the case?

“We will bring back the Daleks eventually, but I want them to come back in a really brilliant way.”

Moffat previously said that the Davies-era Daleks will return despite their apparent demise. There is also a rumour that they will actually feature in this year’s Christmas special.


Source: Doctor Who TV


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