Series 6


OMG! It turns out you don’t have to wait until tonight to see the new Doctor Who Series 6 trailer, you can watch it right now! It’s one minute long, features lots of new scenes and is as epic as you’d expect. Enjoy it in the video below.

We’ll have a full trailer analysis soon.


5 thoughts on “NEW TRAILER!

  1. This is the editor and owner of Doctor Who TV. I have found multiple instances of content from being copied and published on this website without permission and in most instances without any credit.

    I am asking that you stop copying and pasting our content now. You must write your own posts and use your own images. You are allowed to quote small extracts from us, but you must link back to

    If you continue to just copy and paste our posts I will have to take the issue further and report this site to WordPress for copyright infringement.

    • OK, I am very sorry for doing this. Next time I will form posts in my own words and give credit to DoctorWhoTV. I only take it because yours is a good site.

      • You say that you are sorry, but you then proceeded to completely copy another one of our posts. This time the Series 6 trailer breakdown.

        Please delete that post now as you have taken all of our images and text without asking once more. Putting a link at the bottom whilst copying the WHOLE post is not okay.

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