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Moffat is outstanding

Steven Moffat has added another award to his already impressive collection. Last night the Doctor Who and Sherlock mastermind picked up a Judges’ Award at the Royal Television Society for his “outstanding contribution to television.”

“There are few screenwriters in the world whose work boasts the same incredible range as tonight’s recipient. Equally at home with horror, detective stories, situation comedy, action adventure and sci-fi, this year’s winner is an author in the truest sense of the word.”

[With] Sherlock and Doctor Who [he] channeled all that he had learned about structure into shaping mind-bendingly brilliant sci-fi and thriller plots, as well as placing a funny man/straight man pairing at the centre of extraordinary and impossible circumstances, with his friend Mark Gatiss he invited an entirely new audience to claim Holmes and Watson as their own. And in his downtime reinventing Doctor Who to overwhelming critical and ratings success from the get-go.

There are few writers who would trade Steven Spielberg and Hollywood to work with the Daleks in Wales but this man did. Indeed, with a seemingly inexhaustible resource of utterly distinctive plots and the ability to use comedy liberally to form a devoted connection with the audience, our winner is living, typing proof of why television remains THE writer’s medium.”

Sherlock won the Drama Series category:

“Updating a classic was a daunting task but the bravura of this production’s writing and directing successfully made it feel new and modern. This was one of the most original and entertaining new series for years.”

The Sarah Jane Adventures won the Children’s Drama category:

“The winner was emotional and incredibly engaging – a wonderful drama that stands on its own as a terrific piece of storytelling. The cultural diversity of the cast, its high production values and creative storyline made it a joy to watch and kept you intrigued.”

Congratulations to Steven Moffat and the team!



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