New Game Details

More details on the recently announced Doctor Who multiplayer online game have surfaced. BBC Worldwide’s Robert Nashak was interviewed by BigDownload and here are some highlights.

What sorts of quests will players have to go on in the MMO?
In general, players will be able to help the Doctor stave off the forces of evil by thwarting the plots of classic villains from throughout the show’s history. There will be a variety of quest types requiring different skills to keep the game constantly fresh and exciting.

Will there be any support for multiplayer quests in the game?
You bet. The game will allow for collaboration on quests and encourage social play at every turn.

The Doctor doesn’t normally use violence. How will this attitude affect the gameplay in terms of how the player deals with challenges?
The acronym in the name “Worlds in Time” says it all. The game embraces the Doctor’s philosophy of using cleverness and wit above violence whenever possible. This allows us to create an innovative and interesting gameplay experience where players have to work together and be creative to solve problems, battle the forces of evil, and help save time and space. They also get to have a laugh.

Will the game focus on Matt Smith’s Doctor or could there be appearances by previous Doctors and companions in the game?
Fans of Doctor Who will be excited, that’s all we want to say right now.

We’ve heard rumors of plans for a Torchwood game. Can you give us any info on that front?
I can only say that it is always our goal at BBC Worldwide to do as much possible to extend the experience for our viewers wherever it makes sense. TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY is going to blow everyone’s minds. That much I can say for now.

Nashak also said we can expect to see the game in the Autumn. Check out the full interview here.


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