Series 6

Lodger Sequal – Filming

Filming on episode 12 of Series 6 has begun, now confirmed to be directed by Steve Hughes.

Both Matt Smith and James Corden were spotted on set yesterday for a night shoot.

In a recent interview, Corden said Craig is back for just one episode: “I’m amazed and over the moon Steven [Moffat] asked me back. There was a fans’ poll of the last series, The Lodger, did really well. I’m just going back for the one episode.”

Corden also hinted that Craig may get a trip in the TARDIS this time.

Episode writer Gareth Roberts previously said that his script featured the line “I work in a shop now” and they were indeed shooting in a toy department store. So could this be Craig’s new job or maybe even the Doctor takes a part-time role?

Karen Gillan or Arthur Darvill were not present at the filming. It may be confirmation of their apparent departure or perhaps they just had the night off.


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