Series 6

Series 6 Trailer and new Air Date

March is almost upon us and there’s a couple of questions on everyone’s mind: when on earth is Doctor Who going to be back on our screens and what about a new trailer?

Unfortunately, there has been no official news on either front, but there are some interesting rumours floating about.

The first suggests that there will be a new trailer airing early March. In the past we’ve been treated to more cinematic outings like last year’s vortex promo. The new Series 6 trailer will apparently be slightly lower key and focus on the American opener and President Nixon.

And the air date? Reputable sources are saying Series 6 will not actually broadcast until the Easter weekend. Easter is very late this year and that means a long wait until Saturday April 23rd. However, to make up for this, there will be another episode shown on Sunday 24th April. So we’ll get to see the opening two-parter over the Easter weekend. This includes BBC America, which is aiming for episodes to be shown just hours after UK broadcast as with A Christmas Carol.



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