Series 6

Matt Smith – Series 6 Hints

Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley caught up with Matt Smith for a chat at the launch of the Doctor Who Experience yesterday. Smith dropped a few hints on Series 6.

Smith On the Silence: “I think The Silence is the scariest Doctor Who monster in a long time, well since the Weeping Angels. Steven’s [Moffat] written a killer monster.”

Smith on the cliffhanger: “The Doctor and Amy are really faced with some quite cataclysmic choices, particularly at the end of the cliffhanger for Episode 7. It’s brilliant.”

Smith on River Song: “It will not disappoint. Steven’s been plotting this since the very first episode, and even with Silence in the Library, it’s all connected. He’s had this three-year plan and it’s all unfolding.”

Check out the full interview in the vid below:

And you can view some great pics from the Doctor Who Experience in Radio 1′s gallery here.


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