Series 6 DVDs

2entertain have confirmed their UK DVD and Blu-ray plans for Series 6.

As suspected, the series split has meant a change from what we have grown accustomed to over recent years. There will only be two volume releases this year, alongside a complete boxset.

Volume 1 will contain the first 7 episodes and be released in the Summer shortly after episode 7 airs on TV.

Volume 2 contains the remaining 6 episodes of the series and be released shortly after the finale in the Autumn.

A complete series box set with all episodes will be out in time for Christmas.

The line-up:

  • Volume 1 released Summer RRP £24.99 DVD, £29.99 Blu-ray
  • Volume 2 released Autumn RRP £24.99 DVD, £29.99 Blu-ray
  • Complete Boxset released Christmas RRP £TBC