Series 6

Demons Run

The title of the Doctor Who spring finale, aka episode 7 of Series 6, has seemingly been revealed.

Yes, as you might have gathered from the headline, it’s Demons Run. Obviously, it could still change or it may just be a working title, but for now that’s what it is.

The info comes from the online CV of actor Simon Fisher-Becker who you may remember was recently spotted during filming. He plays the portly blue trader Dorium. Becker’s CV also confirms that Dorium’s surname is Maldavar.

While the episode title on its own is pretty vague, things get more interesting with a recent filming picture of a sign (below) that says, “Demons Run – authorised personnel only.”

Deamons Run

Also, notice the symbol on the sign logo is identical to the one River Song had on her arm patch in The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone…

Look at the logo

Very intriguing.


7 thoughts on “Demons Run

  1. Apparentl Amy is a ganger as in “The rebel flesh” The scottish worker asks the Doctor “how do you know so much?” The Doctor replies “I just do” and looks at Amy intensly then suddenly changes the subject. This would explain the pregnancy scan as the real Amy could be pregnant and the ganger is not,when did she become a ganger? When the silence took her. When Rory picks up the red light that was once in her hand she says that where she is is very dark. But. When they find Amy she is in a well lit space ship and seems very confused,also the marks on her skin she used to count the silence mysteriously disappear…I believe this is a very strong theory and a good twist to the story.Please comment if you support or have any other “evidence”to support this.Thanks!

  2. Yeah,thanks for the comment. Here is another theory…The mystery timelord girl seen at the end of the silence episode could have went back to their ship as the doctor says in “The Loger” when he finds the mysterous vessle again “Someone has tried to build a TARDIS….”Could it have possibly been the little girl who had travelled in time? Plus in the first episode where the 11th Doctor first appears Amy’s home has two floors.But. In another episode there are three flights of stair…Could this also be the Silence ship hidding as it did in the Lodger? Who knows.

    • Good theory. That suggests that the Silence and Prisoner Zero may be connected. This is surported by the moment in which Prisoner Zeros says “Silence will fall”.

  3. Is it just me or does the Logo above for Deamons run look very simmilar to the logo in “The Rebel Flesh”…

  4. Yet there is really no link between what has happened between the hints given in The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011( few listed below)But one that is very interesting is this “Octavian Wasn,t Lying…”Could reffer to the time when he said “Doctor,you can’t trust River…”in the weeping angels.

    1.The Doctor will be on trial-Twice!
    2.Who controls the light sculptors?
    3.You won’t believe what buirried under wembly stadium
    4.Scared of the eye in space?You should be(could connect to prisoner zero theory)
    5.Some lies are too much for the pshycic paper
    6.How couold a fellow Gallifreyan stoop so low?

    Interesting I think,can you make any use of them?

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