Series 6

Cybermen Return

It was rummored and now it’s confirmed. The Cybermen will be back in Series 6 of Doctor Who.

Several Cybermen were spotted on set during Doctor Who filming yesterday. The crew were shooting episode 7 so they will be in the Spring finale, as was rumoured.

Unfortunately no pictures were taken, so it’s not clear whether they are the current Cybus men or the mooted redesigned versions.

Although set spy Timeboy had this to say:

Cybermen in Pontyclun! Went for a nose and got there just as they were packing up. The only Cybery thing I saw was the suits being packed away. Sadly (?) they looked like the regular Cybus ones. But, Toby Haynes did say on the Confidential for The Pandorica Opens that they were originally going to have new Cybermen in the episode, but only new heads. Makes sense, really. There’s only so much you can do the redesign a suit, and with a new head, spray of silver, and covering up of the Cybus logo, they’d look new.

There also comes news that the Sontaran spotted last week will also be in episode 7, as was thought. Actor Dan Starkey will play Strax as confirmed on his online CV.



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