Series 6

Doctor to be cloned in Series 6

The Doctor will face a clone of himself in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. That’s according to Unreality TV who report that: “An army of monsters from outer space will make a carbon copy of the handsome doctor – who is played by Matt Smith – as they invade Earth. “However, the Time Lord will only discover the clone when he comes face to face with himself as he investigates the alien invasion, and tries to foil the extra-terrestrial beings’ plans to take over the world. “His companions Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) also become confused when they can’t work out which is the real doctor and which is his double, and who they should be taking instructions from.” The headline suggests that this will happen in A Christmas Carol, but the article itself says Series 6. While this should be treated as rumour for now, it is thought that Matthew Graham‘s Series 6 two-parter (The Rebel Flesh and Gangers) does feature a story about clones going wrong. Recent pictures have also shown multiple TARDISes, which may have been for filming. Could they have been cloned as well?

Cloned Doctor


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