Series 6

Series 6 rumors

I have been surfing the net when I found some rumors of what will happen in series 6. Here is them:

  • Matt Smith will leave after the 2011 series , a rumour picked up by several other media sources . This has been denied by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Another BBC insider said that Smith will stay until the 50th anniversary of the show, in 2013.
  • Karen Gillan is leaving the series and Amy Pond will be killed off at the climax to the spring half of the series. Matt Smith has denied the rumours that Amy will die, or that Karen is leaving.
  • Matt Smith was being measured for a new outfit. He was later seen on set donning a new tweed jacket, and there were no major changes to the outfit, though the elbow patches were gone.
  • Series 6 will be broadcast in the Autumn of 2011 rather than the spring. This is false as it was later proved that one half of the series will be shown in spring and the other in autumn.
  • River Song will die.
  • The Celestial Toymaker will return.
  • The Daleks may return in their “old” form. Steven Moffat has stated that the Daleks are not likely to return for Series 6, but, when they do return, the “old” Daleks will feature.
  • Viewers will see more of the Doctor’s TARDIS.
  • We will see River Song as a child.
  • Dutch actor Marnix Van Den Broek is rumoured to play a character known as “The Silent”. Given the similarity in name to the Silence, it is rumoured that they are the same character.
  • We will learn of the identity of River Song.This is rumoured to be the cliffhanger to the Spring season.
  • The Doctor will meet a President of the USA  This is rumoured to be Richard Nixon or John F. Kennedy.
  • Skaro may be revisited.
  • One of the episodes will feature a “future Doctor”.
  • There are numerous rumours about Neil Gaiman’s story being set in a giant doll’s house this also seems more likely due to the working title of his story being “The House of Nothing”.
  • There will be a episode with an Egyptian theme. This looks more positive now that a rumour has surfaced about the redesigned classic Cybermen returning, mummified in a egyptian tomb, which will be written by Steven Thompson (Who previously wrote for Sherlock).
  • There will possibly be an episode set in an Ice Base.
  • The Mara will return.
  • Episodes 5 & 6 will feature incomplete clones and robot droids from the future, who also accuse the Doctor of being a clone.
  • The Weeping Angels will return.
  • There will be a one-off Easter special.
  • The TARDIS will be cloned.
  • We will find out who River Song killed. Steven Moffat has said “a good man will die – a good man, and a hero to many.”
  • The Ood will return. The COMING SOON trailer confirmed this.
  • The Silence will be a completely new enemy, and won’t be a villain that has seen before.
  • Neil Gaiman‘s story will contain something – or someone – that we have not seen since The War Games

The 11th Doctor


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